10 Trendy Ways to Wear a Jean Jacket

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One of the trendiest pieces of clothing you can own as a woman is a jean jacket. It’s an extremely attractive and versatile item that you should have in your closet as part of your wardrobe-essentials. One reason you may be hesitant to purchase and wear a denim jacket one is that you aren’t sure how to do so. You’ve come to the right place to learn more about 10 ways, in particular, that you can wear a jean jacket and ensure you look chic and trendy. With these ideas in mind, you’ll have no problems getting dressed and feeling confident in your apparel. Not only are they great for women to own, but men in denim jackets are also becoming a popular trend.

1. Oversized Jean Jackets

The usual rule of thumb is that a jean jacket should fit like a shirt, which means snug in the shoulder. Therefore, if you’re usually a medium, drop to a small. When fall and winter arrive, you’ll want to be able to layer it under a coat for style and comfort. Choose an oversized denim jean jacket, and you’ll have no problem achieving this goal. You may know and love the slightly slouchy fit and perfectly worn-in feel of boyfriend jeans. Well, now it’s time to turn to the jacket version. The lightweight layer of an oversized jean jacket offers a fresh spin on an old summer classic. It’s a must-have piece and can be paired with almost anything, so enjoy the freedom it brings to your wardrobe. You may be hesitant to try it based on your figure. However, if you keep the rest of your look fitted or you wear it with a summer dress, it can work on most figures.

2. Shredded Jean Jackets

Another option for wearing a jean jacket is to choose a shredded or distressed style. It’s an excellent way to stand apart from the crowd and add an element of surprise to your overall apparel. The distressed or worn look continues to be in and is a popular choice among many women and shoppers. If you’re unsure of a completely shredded look, you could always opt for a subtle rip or a little bit of distressed denim for just one part of your jacket. Shredded denim is one of many types of outfits with jean jackets you can create, depending on your style.

3. Patchwork Jean Jackets

A unique twist on jean jackets outfits is to choose one with some patchwork. You can use the patches you select as a way to show off your personality and individual style. You may even opt to sew on your own patches based on your beliefs and interests. Your options of designs are truly limitless, and it’s a way to add some fun and color to an otherwise plain jacket. It’s an edgy, effortless street style look that pays special attention to detail. You’ll feel like a cool-girl when sporting this type of jean jacket and is a way to make everyday outfits more iconic. 

black jeans

4. With Black Jeans

A fashionable and stylish way to wear your denim jean jacket is with a pair of black jeans. It’s likely you already own a pair of black jeans because of how essential they are to ensuring you remain stylish and chic. You can comfortably dress in a blue denim jacket and black jeans when you’re going for a casual and effortless look. It’s a timeless and classic look that will never go out of style. If you’re not comfortable wearing denim jeans with a denim jacket, then a pair of black or colored jeans or pants is the way to go. A blue denim jacket and black jeans are a great pairing to keep in your closet year-round. When worn together, you’ll be achieving a laid-back and cool style that will allow you to fit into the fashion scene. It’s a favorite pairing among many women of varying ages.

5. With A T-Shirt

It’s always a wise idea to invest in a lot of plain and comfortable t-shirts you can throw on throughout the seasons. One of the best ways to wear a jean jacket is to pair it with a t-shirt. You’ll look hip and stylish without even trying and will be more than comfortable in this attire. It’s a nice way to layer because if you get warm, you can simply take off your jacket and cool off. The relaxed combination always looks great together and can be paired with a variety of pants and shoe styles. Plain tees will look stylishly minimal with denim jackets, but you can choose striped and printed designs to add more interest to your outfits.

6. Over A Dress

Dresses are a staple to have in any woman’s closet and should be included on your list of possible outfit with jean jacket ideas. Therefore, you should have a jean jacket in your closet that you can throw over your dress of choice. It’s an excellent way to embellish a plain black dress or to add some warmth to your arms if you’re wearing a sleeveless dress underneath. It’s the perfect piece for over a shift dress as well. Pair it with the right sandals and some jewelry, and you’ll look beautiful for the summer season. Throwing on your denim jacket over a summer dress is one of the easiest ways to wear your favorite dresses for spring and fall, as well as during the hotter months.

7. Double Denim

The question that’s on everyone’s minds seems to be, if you have a denim jacket, can you also still wear your favorite jeans? You may even know the term for this look which is called the Canadian Tuxedo. If you want to wear more than one denim piece, fashion experts suggest choosing different denim washes and weights. You can also think about dressing up your outfit with luxe pieces such as heels and a cashmere coat, or tuxedo blazer. Furthermore, consider your body shape and wear your darkest denim where you feel the least confident. For example, if you’re a pear, you can opt to wear darker jeans and a lighter top as possible outfits for jean jackets. As long as you follow these guidelines and are confident in your appearance, then you’ll have nothing to worry about when it comes to choosing a double denim look. Pexels

8. White Denim Jacket

You may also be wondering what to wear with a white denim jacket, which can be an eye-catching choice. It’s an excellent question and one that may be top of mind for you during the summer. Remember that your white jacket is your staple piece and the star of the show. Therefore, choose more subtle combination pieces such as black jeans and shades like navy, grey, or taupe. You can also wear dark blue jeans with a floral top for an attractive look. Add a pair of heels and a large handbag, and you’ll be all set for a casual night out on the town. You may also want to invest in a black denim jacket so you can switch up your style once in a while.

9. As A Shirt

You might also want to try wearing your jean jacket buttoned up as a shirt. You can pair it with a skirt or trousers. A jean jacket with a skirt is a different and fun appearance that will help you to appear chic and fashionable without making it seem like you’re trying too hard. It’s another reason you want to ensure that your denim jacket is the right fit. Button it up for a fresh look and to show off your figure. You might even want to consider popping the collar and putting on the perfect pair of sunglasses to give off a little attitude.

10.  Denim Jacket with Athleisure

Women want to be comfortable, and you can now accomplish this goal when you invest in a jean jacket. Another idea is to pair your denim jacket with a sweatshirt and sweatpants. It’s a great way to break up your sweat attire and help you to look more stylish and fashionable instead of frumpy. Put it on with your favorite pair of track pants, and you’ll appear more put together and attractive when you go to leave your house and run errands on the weekends.   These are a few easy and effortless ways for how you can wear a denim shirt or achieve the jacket denim look. Have fun experimenting and seeing what works best for you based on your personal preference and style. It’s one purchase you’ll never regret and that you’ll get a lot of use out of over the years. You’ll feel a lot more beautiful and confident wearing your jean jacket when you follow these tips and put some attention to detail and effort into the outfits you choose. With so many options, there’s sure to be a look in here for you and everyone who’s interested in purchasing and wearing a jean jacket.